Re: [gnome-db]Changes in c++ binding, if you don't mind

On 02 Apr 2001 10:35:44 +0200, Kuba wrote:
> I recently started to play a little with gnome-db using its c++ binding. I made some changes and fixes. If you find it useful, please apply it. I don't have access to CVS (firewall).
> Changes are as follows:
> 1. I have moved all of the class declarations into gda namespace and removed gda prefix from class names.
> 2. C header #includes are now in extern "C" section, so programs using C++ binding now links properly.
> 3. Command::execute () method now returns recordset returned from gda_command_execute () function, so now you can do something useful with it.

Thanks very much Kuba! Unfortunately, I've got no time to integrate this
on CVS right now, so
it will have to wait until next week.

I think the patch should go into CVS as is, without further
modifications. Anyone wants to comment
something about it? If nobody answers, I'll check it in on Monday or

thanks again Kuba


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