Re: [gnome-db]Changes in c++ binding, if you don't mind

On 02 Apr 2001 10:35:44 +0200, Kuba wrote:
> I recently started to play a little with gnome-db using its c++ binding. I made some changes and fixes. If you find it useful, please apply it. I don't have access to CVS (firewall).
> Changes are as follows:
> 1. I have moved all of the class declarations into gda namespace and removed gda prefix from class names.
> 2. C header #includes are now in extern "C" section, so programs using C++ binding now links properly.
> 3. Command::execute () method now returns recordset returned from gda_command_execute () function, so now you can do something useful with it.
> The patch made out of the whole bindings/c++ directory on libgda-0.2.3 version:

Hi Kuba!

I was going to apply the patch and just remembered that we talked about
the C++ bindings being
broken in its current state. So my question is, should I apply this
patch which just fixes some "small"
stuff, or is it better to rewrite the C++ bindings to be a good C++


Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> <rodrigo ximian com>

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