[Fwd: [Gnue] report IDL]

"Derek A. Neighbors" wrote:
> Chris Browne as usual brings up some good points about the IDL.  This is
> one reason I am big on not pushing hard on a client/dtd/designer until
> the concept has been proofed.  This is not like looking at Crystal
> Reports and copying what they are doing.
> This is a different approach that seems like it might bring some
> valuable enhancements to enterprise reporting, but then again it could
> have SERIOUS faults that make it a no go.  I would rather get a few
> sample POC's working and scale them up and make sure its something that
> is livable before we start adding tons of bells and whistles....
> Hope that makes sense.
> Derek Neighbors
> GNU Enterprise
> http://www.gnue.org
> derek gnue org

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