RE: Compile Issues

> Hmm... That error occurs because gda-common.h includes gnome.h.
> So actually every program using gda includes gnome.h indirectly and
> must therefore provide the path to the gnome include files in the
> INCLUDES variable in the
> The removement of that gnome dependency is one of the most urgent
> tasks in gda and Rodrigo is working heavily on that.
yes I am, although I've stopped for a couple of days, due specially to
the olympic games, which are 24 hours on TV, and I can't resist the
> Meanwhile, to be able to compile the testing program, you can replace
> GLIB_CFLAGS by GDA_CLIENT_CFLAGS (the LIBS variables need not
> be changed).
I think GDA_CLIENT_CFLAGS should be added to the test program, since
there are other libraries that are needed (XML), and, you don't have to
mind about whether GNOME libs are used or not, since this will be
replaced once and for all programs.

> Rodrigo: Such issues are the reason why I argue that headers including
> other headers should be reduced to a minimum. :-)
yes, you're right, but as I said, you should use
GDA_CLIENT_{LIBS,CFLAGS} in your to be sure to add all
needed libraries.
> All: The testing program that is currently in cvs is a _start_, nothing more.
> At the moment the code changes daily, and I will check in regularly as soon
> as I have a cvs account. Meanwhile, if somebody wants to use it, please
> email me and I will send the newest patch.
you haven't received any news about your CVS account?

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