Antw: [First IDL proposal] and [Some ideas to the report engine...]

>>> Carlos Perello Marin <carlos hispalinux es> 17.09.2000  22.55 Uhr >>>
> Well, here you have my first proposal to the gdareport's IDL.
> It's only a skeleton, it isn't ended.
> As you could see, it's very similar to the report's DTD.
> Please feel free to ask me about it :-)
> Thanks in advance.

Hi Carlos,

some comments about your gda-report.idl:

- all the attributes with type long should have type float, if you allow units inch and cm.

- what do the methods setGeometry and move do?

>	A method to open a report (openreport), that will gave us a
>	Report object.
>	A method to poblate a report with data from a gda source
>	(fillreport)
>	A method to save the report with its data (export as XML, PS,
>	PDF, HTML, etc.) (savereport)
>	And a method to close the report (closereport).
> I think that this is the most simple approachment to this problem,
> please, suggestions, ideas, questions are welcomed.

What does 'openreport' do?
- create a new (empty) report object?
- or read the XML-representation of a report obect?
- or something else?

'fillreport' is obvious.

if I understand you right, 'savereport' does either save the populated
report object in XML format or export it to some other format.
How do you want to do this export? With XSL?

What does 'closereport' do?

I couldn't find these methods in the idl file.


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