gda-report's signals

Hello, world!!

I have some questions about the signal part of gda-report.

What kind of signals should it throw?

I never do this kind of application before, and i don't know which ones we should throw. (I know how to throw them).


P.S.: Rodrigo, i think that i must update the gnome-report.[hc] from the gnome-db module to implement the graphical side. Is correct?

P.S.2: Vivien I need the gda-xml-queries some usable at this moment, please...
I think that until you start with it, i will modify (only for test purposes) the gda-report DTD to use strings (SQL) instead of xml queries.

Carlos Perelló Marín
carlos hispalinux es
Valencia - España

Y tu, ¿ya has Evolucionado?, pásate a Evolution :-)

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