Katabase and libgda (from gnome-db)

Hi all!

I'm the maintainer of the gnome-db project
(http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnome-db) and
would like to tell you about an idea I had the other day when I had a
look at the koffice source code (it was 1.93 I think).

The fact is that the katabase directory from the sources I had was
almost empty, so I thought that maybe you'd like to use the libgda
library for the database access part.

libgda has been separated recently from gnome-db to allow non-GNOME
applications to use it (so, GNOME-DB is now the GNOME frontend to
libgda). It defines a set of CORBA IDL interfaces, as generic as
possible to be able to use them in any DBMS (or even non-DBMS data
sources, such as LDAP servers, XML files, etc). For each different data
source supported (PostgreSQL, MySQL, oracle, etc), a CORBA server
implementing those interfaces is provided.

It still depends on GNOME, but we are eliminating the few dependencies
that still are there, so probably, by the end of this year (or sooner I
think), it will be totally GNOME-independent. The only things that it
will depend on are glib, ORBit, libxml and OAF.

It now supports PostgreSQL, ODBC, MySQL and Oracle, and sybase, LDAP,
mail and interbase are in development.

We (GNOME-DB team) accept any suggestion, pacth, etc from anyone, so we
may work together to cover the needs of both projects (and other
projects that are starting to use it, such as the GNUe
(http://www.gnue.org)). Thus, we'll help a little bit in the cooperation
between the GNOME and KDE projects, specially after all the controversy
talked about in the last weeks, which IMO, does not exist in GNOME/KDE
developers minds.

so, what do you think?

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