Re: Katabase and libgda (from gnome-db)

the ven, 08 set 2000, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm the maintainer of the gnome-db project
> ( and
> would like to tell you about an idea I had the other day when I had a
> look at the koffice source code (it was 1.93 I think).
> The fact is that the katabase directory from the sources I had was
> almost empty, so I thought that maybe you'd like to use the libgda
> library for the database access part.
> libgda has been separated recently from gnome-db to allow non-GNOME
> applications to use it (so, GNOME-DB is now the GNOME frontend to
> libgda). It defines a set of CORBA IDL interfaces, as generic as
> possible to be able to use them in any DBMS (or even non-DBMS data
> sources, such as LDAP servers, XML files, etc). For each different data
> source supported (PostgreSQL, MySQL, oracle, etc), a CORBA server
> implementing those interfaces is provided.
> It still depends on GNOME, but we are eliminating the few dependencies
> that still are there, so probably, by the end of this year (or sooner I
> think), it will be totally GNOME-independent. The only things that it
> will depend on are glib, ORBit, libxml and OAF.
> It now supports PostgreSQL, ODBC, MySQL and Oracle, and sybase, LDAP,
> mail and interbase are in development.
> We (GNOME-DB team) accept any suggestion, pacth, etc from anyone, so we
> may work together to cover the needs of both projects (and other
> projects that are starting to use it, such as the GNUe
> ( Thus, we'll help a little bit in the cooperation
> between the GNOME and KDE projects, specially after all the controversy
> talked about in the last weeks, which IMO, does not exist in GNOME/KDE
> developers minds.
> so, what do you think?

I've just seen your email on Koffice list.
I'm the author of a KDE specific database library that has been just 
announced on the Koffice-devel list (if you are interested in the thing, look 
at for details).

I think interoperability with the gnome-db engine can be a good thing, but 
using CORBA in a KDE environment can be a bit difficult. One idea I have is 
that we can join our efforts to write a plugin for the KDB library that will 
act as a 'bridge' between the two worlds. This way, KDE can have a dedicated 
lightweight database library that can also exploit the power of gnome-db as 
an option, thus not forcing KDE users to run an ORB just for a small database 

Please contact me if you are interested in this kind of collaboration.

Alessandro Praduroux
pradu thekompany com

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