RE: Antw: A question about the gda-xml-query

> > I don't have anything ready yet because I'm working on making the
> > provider work with versions 6.5.x and 7.0.x (which is quite a lot of
> > and test). But anyway, before I start to write a line of code for the
> > gda-xml-query lib, I will issue my thoughts on how to organize it and on
> > how to use it.
> Should 6.5.X still be supported? 7.0.X was released in April and 7.1 will
> soon, as Bruce Momjian told me.
I suppose this is the best thing to do, to support all versions, if possible
of course.

> I think the usage of DB-links is transparent for DML-queries and concerns
> DDL-queries, because we need a CREATE/DROP DATABASE LINK statement.
> As we discussed some time ago, the DDL-queries should be defined in a
database DTD,
> that Rodrigo wanted to develop, right?
Yes, that what I also thought. As Gerhard says, the use of a DB-link is
transparent for the queries. You just specify the name of the table, which
can be whether a normal table, a view, a DB-link, etc. don't you think so?


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