Re: Antw: A question about the gda-xml-query

>>> Vivien Malerba <malerba gears linuxave net> 07.09.2000  11.32 Uhr >>>
> > 
> > >>> Vivien Malerba <malerba gears linuxave net> 06.09.2000  17.57 Uhr >>>
> >
> > > Forgive me about my ignorance of XML/DTD.
> >
> > Nothing to forgive. I just have a good (but very big) book about XML.
> >
> Tell me which one it is!

title: professional  XML 
author: a lot of different authors
publish by: WROX Press Ldt.
ISBN: 1-861003-11-0

be warned: about 1100 pages

> > 
> > > Anyway, I'm back in the game and will try to give a gda-xml-query library 
> > > soon, now that the DTD has stabilized.
> >
> > If you want,  I can test it, if you have something ready to be tested.
> I don't have anything ready yet because I'm working on making the postgres
> provider work with versions 6.5.x and 7.0.x (which is quite a lot of work
> and test). But anyway, before I start to write a line of code for the
> gda-xml-query lib, I will issue my thoughts on how to organize it and on
> how to use it.

Should 6.5.X still be supported? 7.0.X was released in April and 7.1 will come
soon, as Bruce Momjian told me.

> > 
> > > There is just one more thing to take care: the DB links and how to implement
> > > them in the DTD.
> >
> > What do you mean with DB links?
> >
> David T. Bath mentionned the DB links in a mail quite some time ago.
> Have a look at the mail thread in the archives:
> I think we should take care of them right now because they are important.

I read his mail and also the section about DB links in our Oracle7 SQL Language
Reference Manual. I used a similar feature in my M$-Access applications, but I didn't
use it in Oracle until now. Do you know, if postgreSQL also has such a feature?

I think the usage of DB-links is transparent for DML-queries and concerns only
DDL-queries, because we need a CREATE/DROP DATABASE LINK statement.
As we discussed some time ago, the DDL-queries should be defined in a database DTD,
that Rodrigo wanted to develop, right?


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