Re: Using gnome-db in Glade

>>>>> On Sun, 3 Sep 2000 20:48:59 -0400,
>>>>> "BB" == Bill Barnes <> wrote:

BB> Found this Debian package and installed it.
BB> A snip from the configure log follows:

Hmm... Did you install libpopt-dev?
if so, because you use Debian, it is for the easiest way to
install libpopt0 and libpopt-dev of woody.

BB> downloaded the popt-1.2.tar.gz to /usr/share and unpacked it.
BB> Compiled with no error reports but oaf-0.5.1 configure still not finding it.

you seem to have installed libpopt.a in the place where gcc
was not found? and, this popt is a little.

AFAIK there is the latest popt in

and, libpopt0 and libpopt-dev of woody is the latest popt.

Akira TAGOH <at@ue-spacy.ccom>

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