RE: [Fwd: Re: Pregunta sobre el estado de gnome-db para el desarrollo]

> > Yesterday I was thinking (yes, sometimes I do), and I decided to add a
> > new object(s) to the gda-common library to manage a generic XML file, as
> > we need to do so for several files: Gda_Report and Gda_XmlDatabase (to
> > export/import data). So, if you agree with me on this, I'll do the
> > following:
> >
> > struct Gda_XmlFile -> contains all code to hide the XML file access
> > struct Gda_XmlReport -> a subclass of Gda_XmlFile with all specific code
> > for the report file
> > struct Gda_XmlDatabase -> a subclass of Gda_XmlFile with all specific
> > code for the database file
> Good idea!
Ok, I'll start with this very soon!

> >
> > then, I'll add a Gda_XmlObject which wraps all access to the specific
> > items on each XML file format. For example, Gda_XmlQuery would be a
> > subclass of this Gda_XmlObject.
> I've already started to make a Gda_XmlQuery object from a GtkObject, but I
> can modify it when the Gda_XmlObject is ready. However, I don't see the
> of having a Gda_XmlObject. Couldn't Gda_XmlQuery be derived from
> like Gda_XmlReport? What do you want to put in that Gda_XmlObject object?
Well, I was thinking that a Gda_XmlObject is an element in a Gda_XmlFile
object. For example:

  <TABLE NAME="table1">
     <FIELD NAME="field1"/>
  <VIEW NAME="view1">

Here, DATABASE is the Gda_XmlFile. But, TABLE, FIELD and VIEW are
Gda_XmlObject. And any Gda_XmlObject can in turn have several child

I've made this distinction to separate what is the real XML file, and all
the elements on it. And, because, as we said, a Gda_XmlQuery must be able to
be saved in a file on its own, or as part of a Gda_XmlReport, so having it
as a Gda_XmlObject (= an element in a Gda_Xmlfile) would allow to do so.

Or am I wrong?

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