Re: gda_server_error_*, cvs access (Re: New gda Sybase provider)

> So i got 2 questions:
> 1.) How can you generate an error window?
>     Within the gda_provider_command_execute, you get an Gda_ServerErro pointer
>     and simply call gda_server_error_make().
>     I'd like to generate an error window within an other function as well,
>     but  gda_server_error_new()
>          gda_server_error_make() does not work. What do i miss?
you should call the gda_server_error_make, which in turn adds the error
to the list of errors for that connection, and then, this list is sent
to the client, so you don't have to deal with the dialog box directly.
This is done in the client-ui library.

> 2.) Can functions be added to get a list of the Gda_ServerConnection pointers
>     matching a specific provider? With such a function, one could go through
>     the list and compare the user specific data with data supplied in
>     dbms lib's callbacks, having the ability to call more gda stuff then
>     without such a function.
>     E.g., together with 1.) you could use callbacks for error handling
>     routines. In case of sybase, this would not only make the code smaller,
>     but also more readable, reducing the thread of bugs.
yes, that was the idea on making the Gda_ServerImpl a GtkObject. We can
use callbacks for some things, but I don't understand very well what you

> I started the hardcoded way of handling error messages, using ct_diag()
> and cs_diag(). It's an nightmare, that function! :-( Now the c[st]_diag()
> based stuff works, but i found out that the sequence
>   gda_server_error_new(...);
>   gda_server_error_make(...);
> does not work to generate error messages within functions not got passed a
> Gda_ServerError pointer; at least you never get this error messages
> displayed.
You must pass a valid Gda_ServerError object to the
gda_server_error_make function. If not, it will cowardly return from the

> > have you contacted Stephan about this? I think he's also working on the
> > sybase provider
> Hm, that's new to me (on the gnome-db page at people you still look for a
> gda-sybase maintainer today). I'll contact him today, then.
Stephan? are you here?

> Apropos new: What do you have to do to gain cvs write access later on?
>              This will apply in a few weeks when i finished the basic
>              implementation of the provider and it has become usable.
>              Of course i could also send the patches to a maintainer, if
>              you wish so.
you must first contribute with code. As soon as you do so, I'll ask for
one for you

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