We're starting to develop the logger

Hi all.

It's clear that the logger for libgda isn't a trivial thing. 

The ASPL programming group still believe in this logger, so we are going
to start to implement a sql-parser-and-logger, and we will test its
functionality, and posible problems locally, in the client-side.

We want to make it in the way so it can be ported to libgda easily,
with no major efforts. 

The logger, which we call "Histrionicus project", will be part of the
ASPL-Fact project until a possible inclusion in libgda.

I have only one question about the design of the logger:

* How must we make the logger to access to the database? It musn't use
  libgda if it will be part of libgda...

  Perhaps, it must access directly to the database, using the database own
  data-access libraries. In this way, each gda-provider should have a
  different logger-implementation... But it is not very useful: a lot of
  code would be replicated.

  This is my question... Not trivial, but important for designing.


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