Hi all!

I've just added a HACKING file to both gnome-db and libGDA where you'll
find the guide for people contributing code to gnome-db/libgda.
Specially important is the coding style, which will be, from now, the
same one used in the GNOME project, for consistency and clarity.

99% of the code is using "my" old style, which is (note indentations are
2 spaces, and opening brackets are in a line by their own):

if (whatever)
    switch (..)
      case ...

and now it should look like (note indentations are a tab, and opening
brackets are in the same line as the statement):

if (whatever) {
     switch (..) {
          case ...

so, this means that almost all the current code must be changed to
comply with the new coding style. I've already started myself to change
this in the files I have been hacking in the last days, so I plea to all
of you contributing code to do the same for the files you touch.

I know this is a hard work to change all the source files we've got now,
but I think it is necessary for clarity and consistency with the rest of
the GNOME project. And it's also very important to show a unique coding
style than one per hacker, since it is clearer to read. So, please do it
when you hack.


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