Next release (was Re: New Release)

Hi all!

Well, as I said in the announcement for the 0.2.1 version, we're
approaching a big amount
of functionality/stability/performance, so I'd like to start working on
adding missing things
and new functionality, since, as you may know, GNOME-DB/libGDA will be,
included in the GNOME 1.4 extra apps releasem, which is due for the
beginning of next year

The things I've thought about:
* XML queries: Gerhard, can you start adding your lib to the libGDA
source tree? As soon as they are there, we can start implementing new
(awesome) stuff, such as a visual query designer, the
export/import stuff, and, most importantly, non-SQL providers, such as
LDAP, etc
* modifySchema: I'm working right now on rewriting the GnomeDbBrowser
widget to allow calls
to this function, which, as I explained, will allow for DDL
(CREATE/DROP, etc) commands. Apart
from this, the schema support must be enhanced in all the providers,
since the only one which
is supporting well schemas is the postgres provider
* GnomeDbGrid widget: we need a better-looking grid widget
* Report engine: make it work
* Gda_XmlDatabase: needs completion, since right now it's got very
little to offer
* more Bonobo components: export/import (XML queries), browser, etc
* Bonobo monikers
* providers: TDS, Primebase, Sybase are being worked by Holger, but it
would be great if we could
also have the MDB, LDAP and mail providers started
* database logger, as suggested by ASPL-FACT people
* and more things that I can't remember right now

As always, I'd appreciate any help, so if there's somebody wanting to
help, please just say
where you want to help, and I'll give you lots of things to do  : )


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