Re: gnome-db 0.2.0 RPMS

> Hi!
> I've downloaded the RPMS for gnome-db 0.2.0, and there are two
problems I have
> (pardon me if the questions have already been asked, because I can't
> the list archive):
> * what is the library for? It is linked against
gnomedb-mgr, fe,
>   components and rolodex. I don't know it, and can't find it anywhere.
this is linked with the GNOME libraries, that is, there is not a
explicit -ldb2 in gnome-db
Makefiles. I guess this is my fault, for having built the RPMs in a
Debian machine. So, it
would be good if you could rebuild them from the SRPM. This is done

rpm --rebuild file.src.rpm

when you've got them, please send them to me and I'll upload them (if is up, since
it's been down all the weekend)

> * the same apps are also linked with, and it looks like 
>  simply did a symlink on it, but I don't know if it works.
it should work, as I don't make use of the latest GAL additions. But
again, this shouldn't happen,
so please rebuild the RPMs.

> Also, Gerhard has made a really nice work with the XmlQuery library,
> there should soon be a directory for it under the gda-common one so we
> can all test it.


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