Re: gnome-db 0.2.0 RPMS

>>>>> On 04 Dec 2000 17:17:36 -0100,
>>>>> "RM" == Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo ulises openresources com> wrote:

RM> this is linked with the GNOME libraries, that is, there is not a
RM> explicit -ldb2 in gnome-db
RM> Makefiles. I guess this is my fault, for having built the RPMs in a
RM> Debian machine. So, it
RM> would be good if you could rebuild them from the SRPM. This is done
RM> with:

I think that you should build the valid RPMs environment
which use chroot or other machine.

I have a RH7 environment, but it isn't desirable so that
I may build the RPMs on this environment.


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