Re: ["Derek A. Neighbors" <derek gnue org>] [Fwd: Report Proposal - Weak but a start]

"Peter C. Norton" wrote:
> Works for me.  Someone approves the posts.  I use a sub-address
> (spacey-gnome-db) and send from my regular address (spacey).  Aside from a
> little extra lag, I haven't had any problems.
that's me who approve the posts. I receive a message any time there is a
message from a non-member address. And then I check if it's somebody I
know or if it's something really related to gnome-db, and if so, I
approve them.

It was said that it would be good to let all messages come into the
list. If people really want, I'll do it, but be warned that there are
several spam messages received in the list. For instance, there were 13
spam messages for the last 14 days that I've been out on holidays. So,
what do you prefer?

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