On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, Rodrigo Moya wrote alot. I snipped alot....

I'm cross-posting because it's a KDE and Gnome thing, and I'd like
feedback on the idea. Please feel free to reply personally, if necessary.

Hmm...that's an idea, just a C++ API, and then, if there's still interest,
and I can figure it out in a way they'll accept, I can additionally create
separate KDE widgets for use under KDE only (whereas they can use the GTK
widgets and the C or the C++ API under Gnome, perhaps?). 

I'd definitely do the C++ API first, then I could start hacking on some
KDE widgets. What gnome-db widgets exist? (Gotta remember, I'm vaguely
familiar with the server side, not the client.) I assume there's a DB-grid
sort of thing, like Access has. Other than the config components, are
there any others?

Gnome-DB list:
> > > > Guys, have we considered the possibility of perhaps having a KDE
> > interface as well? I'll admit, I'm not familiar with Corba, or how hard it
> > would be, but I would be interested in working on such a thing - I'm
> > familiar with KDE programming. Is there interest? Would it be a Bad Idea?

> If you're going to make a C++ API, this could be very useful not only
> for KDE, but for people wanting to use the client libs from C++. I
> assume there won't be any KDE specific code in this part, or will be?
> About this, I was told yesterday in the Linux Expo (here in Madrid) that
> there is a program called SWIG which automatically generates bindings
> for perl, python and other languages. I haven't had time today to search
> for it, so does anybody know something about it?
> for the widgets, the only solution AFAIK is to code KDE widgets.

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