> I'm cross-posting because it's a KDE and Gnome thing, and I'd like
> feedback on the idea. Please feel free to reply personally, if necessary.
> Hmm...that's an idea, just a C++ API, and then, if there's still interest,
> and I can figure it out in a way they'll accept, I can additionally create
> separate KDE widgets for use under KDE only (whereas they can use the GTK
> widgets and the C or the C++ API under Gnome, perhaps?).
> I'd definitely do the C++ API first, then I could start hacking on some
> KDE widgets. What gnome-db widgets exist? (Gotta remember, I'm vaguely
> familiar with the server side, not the client.) I assume there's a DB-grid
> sort of thing, like Access has. Other than the config components, are
> there any others?

Ok, so the first step is to create a C++ library which uses the gda-client lib.
Then, we'll do the same for the UI library, coding a GNOME (GTK-- based?)
wrapper, and, if the KDE people are interested, have also a KDE-only widget lib
which will use the libgda-client++ lib.

For me, that's perfect so feel free to start on it as soon as you want. And, in
fact, this was another of the things in the TODO list. I'll have a look at the
SWIG utility I talked about for adding also other languages.

I'll be adding the autoconf/automake needed stuff for this library in the next


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