Hi, i have just finished compiling the gnome DB, and am having some problems
getting anyone to find the name server... this is what i am doing...

1) I have a postgesql database up and running, i can verify this with psql

I start the postmaster like so...

> postmaster -D/mypostsqldb

 again, we know this works since i can query the db with psql etc..
Now i try to start the name server, after reading the developer documentation or
i figured i needed to start it like this...

> orbit-name-server > /tmp/name-service-ior &

Now i want to start my postgress gda right??

so i do

> whoopi (250) > gda-postgres-srv

and i get:....

** WARNING **: Could not get name service!

2) Acutaly i have done this before (actualy i did alot of things and i was able to
get gdafe up,
    log into the database, and do a query, * i was so HAPPY * ) then the machine
got rebooted (by someone else).
    unfortunatly i was not sure exactly what i did to get the name server up and
running. I had this problem before
    any i kept playing but now i cant repeate my luck..

3) I am useing Gnome-DB version 0..0.91

4) Please forgive me for my ignorance of CORBA, i have been reading about it but
am still relitivly new to the whole process.

jim Kogler

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