gda config component

On mar, 18 avr 2000, you wrote:
> Have a look at the sources in gda-odbc-config* to see how to code a
> config component, it's really easy!

I am working on a config component for postgres. For this I made a copy of the 
gda-odbc-config* files to the gda-postgres-server dir and makde some modifs.
After compiling, I get a gda-postgres-config binary. I also made a copy of the
.gnorba file to /etc/CORBA/servers.

I can't find a way to get my new component widget appear in gda-mgr (clicking
on the 'Providers' button, and choosing gda-postgres does nothing. Can you help
me with this?

> BTW, now I've got an email address at, like you!!! I was
> really fed up with my mail server, it loses mails and things like that.

Ok. Then I'll use that one! BTW I've had a look at
and there is almost nothing yet! 



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