Re: GDA_Date??

Chris Wiegand wrote:

> BTW, Vivien, where are the conversion routines (ie. converting from
> Postgres types to GDA and back? I tried to find them to see how they did
> it, and couldn't find them.) ?
> Also, is there a definitive list of what functions do what (ie.
> gda_mysql_connectdatabase is a public function, and does yadayada, but
> gda_mysql_foo_bar is a private function specific to mysql, and does
> whatever the author made it do)? I'm wondering because I'd like to document
> and/or know what the functions in the mysql server do, and I understand
> some of them, but not all of them yet. Just wondering here.

No docs for this sorry. But, which functions you don't understand?

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