RE: fixes on gda-oracle-server (fwd) [WatchDog checked]

Hi Stephan..
Yep... there is much to do and there are not many people..
I didn't do anythingat all myself
just started to think about it and when i wanted to do something I had many
with internet and my job.. so...
I think the problem you are pointing at is not so sensitive...
We sure need an exellent recset definition..
In fact, what i was trying to find was a dataset definition, which would be
a father class for the recset... but there is nothing done nothing at all
this is a shame... :(
anyway.. the fact is, if you wantto do some nice things with what is already
you can do it without having the final specs. I know it is not so easy to
do.. I myself find lot of dificulties in trying to do something without
feeling "safe" about the bases but ayway, this is the way it goes for now.
I think the actual definition is "enough" for many nice things to be done,
and if you think you need
more information, that could come just the way you are saying, then there is
no need
to rewrite the previous definition.. it is more like an additional stuff..
you can modify the idl,
adding the information firelds you need accesible through the function call
"extra_info" or whatever,
and then use it for the specific purpose. the whole stuff could then be
rewrote in a cleaner way.
I supposeit won't be easy to think about all the needs of the recset
definition without trying some programs.. and seeing new needs...
>... so we should split the information in the schema - recsets much more
>for example:
>schema_tables_short:     tablename, comments
>schema_tables_long:      tablename, owner, create command, rowcount, chunk
>percentage filled / space left,  etc.
>with the option GDA_NOT_AVAILABLE or something like that if the rdbms
>support the information.
>is there anybody outside want to collect the request for the schema and to
>define the recsets?
Well yes this is something I'd like to do.. but I just can't..
maybe later... for now, unless you can yourself propose something, or
anybody else
(but then it should be posted here so that Rodrigo could manage it and
everybody would know about it). meanwhile, I insist things can be done
without it, and you can always make a
"little" modif to an idl to add the specific needs...

>another question: the button data in the object-browser of the gdafe -
>be there a select count(*) over the table with an question to the user if
>are more than xxx rows? Or is there a max_rows anythere in the grid (I
>hadn't have a look to the source :).

I don't know...


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