[gnome-cy] Rhestr pecynnau terfynol ar gyfer Gnome 2.6 (fwd)


Mwy na thebyg fod nifer ohonoch eisioes yn tanysgrifio i gnome-i18n. I'r 
gweddill ohonoch, dyma'r newyddion mawr:

bydd evolution yn rhan o 2.6.

Dwi yn deall oddi wrth Dafydd Harries fod y pecyn wedi rhyw 2/3 ei
gyfieithu ar gyfer 2.4, felly 'dim ond' tua 1500 o linynnau ychwanegol
fydd rhaid i ni eu cyfieithu o'r newydd yn yr holl becynnau enwir isod.

Pob hwyl!

ON Dafydd, dwi wedi hawlio epiphany, os ydy hynny'n iawn.
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Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 14:22:05 +0100
From: Danilo Segan <danilo gnome org>
To: gnome-i18n gnome org
Subject: Module decisions for Gnome 2.6

Hi translators,

There have been some decisions regarding modules for inclusion in
Gnome 2.6.  I suppose not all of you will be very cheerful about
inclusion of Evolution (extra large module for translation), but it's
in :)

Here's a list of all modules that got included:
 o dasher
 o evolution, evolution-data-server, gal, gtkhtml3
 o gnome-netstatus:
 o libxklavier (check TP for this translation, xfree86_xml or something)

There are two more that are undecided:
 o rhythmbox
 o gnome-system-tools

Other modules are out.

I propose to move accepted modules into "desktop" at once, keep two
undecided modules in "proposed" and move all the rest to "extras" (I,
of course, volunteer to do it).  If you don't like keeping "proposed"
category with just two (or three, if we count in setup-tools-backends) 
modules, I'd suggest moving them to "extras" as well.

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