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Sounds to me then that the interview is something general and longer than I expected, if all those you've listed are involved. (though I haven't myself heard anything at CB.Will check.) Is it for 45 minutes? Well, if so, Rhoslyn as well then and the more the merrier.

There is a lot of breadth and depth out there and I could think of a few others to include in the program.


Ysgrifennodd Kevin Donnelly:
On Friday 02 April 2004 9:48 am, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
I wonder whether we shouldn't, though, try to get some representation on
the benefits of *open* software in Welsh, rather than just software in
Welsh, since we need to get the point about "freedom" out as well.  Rhoslyn
is an excellent speaker on the general issue, I agree (though unfortunately
I didn't hear the interview), but as one of the long-standing free software
projects, it might not be amiss for a GNOME person to speak on 2.6 and how
it furthers the useability of free software in Wales in general.

I should have added to this that our aim should probably be to get as many 
people as possible involved with Welsh software to say something, to give a 
godd impression of breadth and depth.  The reporter told me that the Google 
translator, the Sgwarnog originator, the maes-e proprietor, and CB were 
involved, so they should be able to speak with authority on those areas.  But 
all of this is software in Welsh which does not challenge people to consider 
the new wave of computing, which KDE and GNOME do, so I think it does add an 
important element to have input directly from members of those projects.

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