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I'm sure he won't mind me doing this, but if it's an interview about Welsh software then I'd nominate Rhoslyn.

He was on this morning at 645am. The interviewer wasn't the most clued up or thought that listeners might not be the as clued up on Welsh software and Rhoslyn has to answer such questions as 'What is software?'.

But he spoke really well and explained things quite well especially on the open source work he and everyone else has done during the last three years in all (though he didn't name any particular projects, just his website as reference). The interviewer did ask about the Microsoft thing and Rhoslyn replied it was Microsoft feeling the challenge from the open source movement and sofrware that already exists in Welsh, equating Microsoft to the only supermarket you may have in the country to buy your food from.

The interviewer asked him about how to translate words such as 'font' and he got a chance to mention that its a craft to not invent words and use existing terms or expressions that it in a way make it a lot easier and understandable for welsh speakers to use than the english.


Ysgrifennodd Kevin Donnelly:
I've been contacted by a BBC reporter who is doing a radio programme on 
software in Welsh on Monday, 1.15pm-2.00pm.  I checked that all the usual 
suspects were involved, but he hadn't heard of GNOME, so I suggested he 
should contact a GNOME person.  He asked me to give him a number, but the 
only one I have is Rhys', and although I left a message on his mobile, he's 
in the middle of a move, so may not get it.  I've emailed Telsa, but no reply 
yet, so I'm getting twitchy.  In order that GNOME doesn't miss out on a 
chance to talk about itself (although who knows for how long the segment will 
be, or how the programme will be cast), can anyone there nominate themselves 
to speak on GNOME and its progress.  I would need a number, and perhpas we 
could have a phone chat about the points we could each (KDE/GNOME) make, so 
that we get everything across without duplication.

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