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On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 10:02:56PM +0100, Dan Field wrote:
> > Anybody is welcome to pick up a component that hasn't been translated
> > yet and send it to me. I try and check things, but lots of errors do get
> > by me. (There are some glaring errors in the 2.4.0 release, some of
> > which I haven't gotten round to fixing yet.) And I have a backlog of
> > things I haven't checked.
> It seems from the web page that I looked at that all of the core? has been completed. Is this correct? If so is it just applications left to translate?

Yes, all of the core stuff is done, it's "just" (ha!) the applications
left. The core is referred to as "essential" and is composed of the
"developer-libs" and "desktop" groups. There are six groups in total:

"fifth-toe" is most important after the essentials I think,
and the "developer-app" least important, with "extras" and "office"
somewhere in between.

A good way to get started is to pick something small off the "extras"
page. Preferably something you've used, but not necessarily. Something
like gdesklets (18 messages) or gimp-tips (36 messages) would be a good

> I understand that the move to 2.6 is the next big move.

Well. The (American) English strings will change gradually during the 2.5
development cycle, which hasn't really started yet. Translating for 2.5
will be different from translating for 2.3: when we started 2.3, we were
starting from nothing. Translating for 2.5 will be a case of keeping up
with changes. Of course, we might translate things we didn't have
translated before along the way as well, but for the essentials, it's a
matter of topping the translations up. Telsa gave a pretty good
description of what's involved there. As Telsa said, updating
translations is easier than writing them. It's often a case of changed
capitalization or whitespace, or sentences being split up, or rephrased.

> > It's certainly feasible for somebody with a little knowledge of Welsh, a
> > dictionary and patience and free time to take an untranslated component
> > and produce a reasonable first-pass translation. We are always happy to
> > help with the harder messages.
> Well I might just have a go with something and see how it compares. No loss in having a go. 

There certainly isn't.

> > Yes, users are good! If you aren't using it already, try giving it a go
> > - and if you do, please tell us your thoughts. There are certainly
> > errors waiting to be found.
> This I can do! Although my current workstation is an UltraSparc running Solaris, Gnome can be a little slugish if you know what I mean, compared to evilwm (Another LlGC link here as its written by Ciaran Anscomb) ;) 

I tried evilwm the other day, but it wouldn't do aught but dump core.

GNOME has gotten faster recently. I have been running it happily on a rather
modest PC for some time.

> Thanks to both Dafydd and Telsa for their explainations. I'll hang about on the list and IRC anyway, so If anything else crops up that might be suitable, just shout :)

Yes, do hang around.


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