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On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 08:23:10PM +0100, Dafydd Harries wrote:
> > Also, when we were frantically chasing the deadline, I did do some
> > amateur attempts at translating all the easy messages in a file.
> > However, I did send them to Daf or Chris or someone for checking
> > first. Whilst I was quite chuffed with the results, it was a very
> > good job I didn't commit any of them: there were mistakes in all
> > of them. I hate bad strings in English, so I am glad I didn't
> > commit them in Welsh.
> Unfortunately, translating is difficult. I don't want to be elitist
> about this, but as some will no doubt have noticed, I am picky about
> translations. That's not to say that people can't have a go, but it is
> to say that I will change people's translations according to my whims.
> :) (I am subject to persuasion, though.)

I understand. 

> Anybody is welcome to pick up a component that hasn't been translated
> yet and send it to me. I try and check things, but lots of errors do get
> by me. (There are some glaring errors in the 2.4.0 release, some of
> which I haven't gotten round to fixing yet.) And I have a backlog of
> things I haven't checked.

It seems from the web page that I looked at that all of the core? has been completed. Is this correct? If so is it just applications left to translate?

I understand that the move to 2.6 is the next big move.

> It's certainly feasible for somebody with a little knowledge of Welsh, a
> dictionary and patience and free time to take an untranslated component
> and produce a reasonable first-pass translation. We are always happy to
> help with the harder messages.

Well I might just have a go with something and see how it compares. No loss in having a go. 

> > > I'm currently working for Ceredigion County Council as a DBA/Developer 
> > > but have recently applied for a job at the National Library of Wales 
> > > on a welsh portal project (bilingual), so I guess this ties in with 
> > > that possibility too :) 
> Are you aware that one of gnome-cy's most prodigious translators, Bryn
> Salisbury, is already employed at the Library?

I wasn't, no. But I have just found that Illtud (also LlGC) is on the list.  

> > We also sorely need people just to run the thing in Welsh and note
> > bits that don't make sense, that are in English (shouldn't be any,
> > but..), where keybindings are blatently missing from the menu entry
> > and should be there, and so on. 

> Yes, users are good! If you aren't using it already, try giving it a go
> - and if you do, please tell us your thoughts. There are certainly
> errors waiting to be found.

This I can do! Although my current workstation is an UltraSparc running Solaris, Gnome can be a little slugish if you know what I mean, compared to evilwm (Another LlGC link here as its written by Ciaran Anscomb) ;) 

Thanks to both Dafydd and Telsa for their explainations. I'll hang about on the list and IRC anyway, so If anything else crops up that might be suitable, just shout :)


Dan Field <danf nuclear-dawn com> - Drunk on the Lawn in a Nuclear Dawn

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