[gnome-cy] sut mae rhestr


I have just been reading up on Welsh courses (and trying some out on the web) 
and I was wondering if there is anything that a complete novice could do 
to help the project?

I thought it might be fun to get into the tranlating efforts if it can be 
done with a dictionary/lexicon. 

I'm currently working for Ceredigion County Council as a DBA/Developer but have recently applied for a job at the National Library of Wales on a welsh portal project (bilingual), so I guess this ties in with that possibility too :) 

If I can be of any assistance, I'd love to help such a worthwhile project.

Now I must away to find a tape playing device so I can oggenc the lovely Nia Parry tape I have here ;)

Nos da
Dan Field <danf nuclear-dawn com>

http://www.nuclear-dawn.com/ - Drunk on the Lawn in a Nuclear Dawn

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