Re: [gnome-cy] Om in Moz sidebar

On Wednesday 10 September 2003 23:23, Dewi Bryn Jones wrote:
> Hei! Mae hwn yn cwl! Er oes modd wneud rhywbeth i gallu wahaniaethu
> rhwng testun Cymraeg a Saesneg yn hawsach? Pan dwi rhoid 'email' i mewn
> mae'n anodd dilyn y canlyniadau.

Diolch - chi gafodd y syniad!  The display should now be a little clearer.  
I've spent several hours on this, and I was coming to the conclusion that 
either the treatment of remote addresses in the sidebar is buggy, or that the 
CSS implementation on the webserver I'm using is faulty.  On my local 
machine, if I called an Omnivore tab from a local directory, I got a column 
no more than 144 pixels wide, and shaded differently for English and Welsh.  
On the site, I got inconsistent results, no matter what changes I made.  I 
tended towards a Moz bug, since using HTML to set the table-cell background 
didn't seem to work either.  

In fact, it turns out that the sidebar update seems not to take place in real 
time.  That is, if you make a CSS edit, it may take up to 15 minutes for that 
edit to take effect (!), even if you refresh, or uninstall/reinstall the tab.  
Extremely confusing, and something I would indeed class as a Moz bug (in the 
sense that it behaves counter-intuitively without giving warning of same).  I 
simply note it here because it may save somebody else's time if they know 
about this in advance.  

> Beth bynnag, diw'r Javascript ddim mor gymleth  a hynny chwaith. Croeso
> i chdi gopio'r cod o'r dudalen arbrofi nes i unwaith :

Diolch am hyn - roeddwn i'n gallu torri-a-gludo!  Dwi 'di rhoi cyswllt rwan ar 
y dudalen Hollysydd i adael iddo gael ei ychwanegu i'r Cwpwrdd Cornel yn 


Best wishes

Kevin Donnelly - Meddalwedd Rydd yn Gymraeg

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