Re: [gnome-cy] Windows in Welsh, at public expense?

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, Dewi Jones wrote:

> Then it could work that if at least Mandrake 9.2 (as Rhoslyn posted a 
> screenshot earlier this month) as a commercial offering of a Welsh 
> desktop available in Wales got more exposure, then that's it, Microsoft 
> would be getting unfair funding.  (?) Phew!

How very convenient that Linux Emporium now run out of the Technium in 
Swansea.  Even more conveniently, they offer Mandrake 9.2 :)

I suppose someone could drop a random email to one of the AMs responsible 
(bearing in mind all their mail probably gets filtered through 
secretary-2.0 first).

|/  Chris M. Jackson
C>  Be seeing you!

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