[gnome-cy] A small morsel of KDE

I have converted the .po files for the completed KDE files into .mo files, and 
put them into what I think is the right place for SuSE 
(/opt/kde3/share/locale/cy/LC_MESSAGES), and set KDE Control Center to use 

The little blighters are refusing to show themselves, being shy and retiring 
by nature, but after a reboot brought on by electicity company work I was 
galvanised during a download to realise that the progress report box was in 

As proof I offer the attached png.  I'm not sure where the other are, because 
that monster kdelibs certainly has its finger in a number of pies, but there 
we are.

By the way, is anybody going to the Assoc for Free Software conference in 
Aston Univ this weekend?

Best wishes


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