Re: [gnome-cy] Credits call

On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 03:01:18PM +0100, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> Kevin has scooped up a pile of Kyfieithu files for GNOME which I
> am feeding back into GNOME CVS. I have only put in half of the
> ones he sent and suddenly the translations are at 16% in the
> big status tables. I hope that means that when I have finished,
> it will be at a third.


> Kyfieithu rather loses track of who translated which strings.
> If people who have been feeding translations into it for GNOME
> files can let me know which files, I can update the credits
> in GNOME appropriately.
> The files are these:
> gnome-pilot-conduits         gnome-themes
> gtk+                         gnome-vfs
> gnome-panel                  gnome-applets
> gnome-icon-theme             gnome-terminal
> gnome-session                glib 
> gnome-pilot                  libwnck
> gnome-desktop                gnome-mime-data
> gnome-media
> I am making guesses at Dafydd Tomos for nearly all of these,
> with Chris Jackson, Griff and Gareth having a hand in quite 
> a few. If you remember adding bits to any of these, please
> let me know. I'd hate to miss off names.

Um. If I recall correctly, I've contributed to:


I may have contributed to others in your list; I forget.

> When I have finished adding this lot into CVS, I shall attempt
> to merge them into the branches, which are what distros build
> from. Which means that they will start showing up on people's
> screens shortly. 

Debian unstable is at 2.2.1 right now - will the translations go into
2.2.2, or into the 2.3 series?

> I think Alan may already have build rpms (RH 9) with these.

I played around with making Welsh-enhanced versions of Debian GNOME
packages. I managed to make a .deb for gnome-panel, but compilation took
far too long with just that one package to contemplate doing the same
for others. Besides, I'd have to recompile with each Debian release of
the packages to stay current and the translations would get out of date.
I kept the modified gnome-panel installed until it was superceded by a
new version, and decided to wait until the translations were in Debian's


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