[gnome-cy] Credits call

Kevin has scooped up a pile of Kyfieithu files for GNOME which I
am feeding back into GNOME CVS. I have only put in half of the
ones he sent and suddenly the translations are at 16% in the
big status tables. I hope that means that when I have finished,
it will be at a third.

Kyfieithu rather loses track of who translated which strings.
If people who have been feeding translations into it for GNOME
files can let me know which files, I can update the credits
in GNOME appropriately.

The files are these:

gnome-pilot-conduits         gnome-themes
gtk+                         gnome-vfs
gnome-panel                  gnome-applets
gnome-icon-theme             gnome-terminal
gnome-session                glib 
gnome-pilot                  libwnck
gnome-desktop                gnome-mime-data

I am making guesses at Dafydd Tomos for nearly all of these,
with Chris Jackson, Griff and Gareth having a hand in quite 
a few. If you remember adding bits to any of these, please
let me know. I'd hate to miss off names.

When I have finished adding this lot into CVS, I shall attempt
to merge them into the branches, which are what distros build
from. Which means that they will start showing up on people's
screens shortly. 

I think Alan may already have build rpms (RH 9) with these.

I was hoping I might manage at least one paragraph of this
lot in Welsh, but apparently not. :) 


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