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Kevin Donnelly wrote:

Hi Rhoslyn

On Thursday 13 March 2003 8:40 pm, Rhoslyn Prys wrote:
The OpenOffice draft glossary can be found on the OpenOffice page at It's prety big - 6000+ entries . It may be useful a
some time to begin putting some of this stuff together in a po file as a
general glossary for .po file based translations.

Very cool. Assuming you have no objections, I have made this available at Kyfieithu/Gyfieithu ( as the initial contents of a resource called Hollysydd/Omnivore. Your Moz translations will also end up in there - I'm working on importing them at the minute - and I'm also thinking about the simplest way of sweeping completed Kyfieithu translations in there too, perhaps once every night. The end result would be a pretty substantial free dictionary of tech terms, giving lots of contextual material too. This should speed up translation work, and will be available from wherever there is a browser and web-connection.

Best wishes


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Any chance of puting he whole lot into a po file? This could be used as a base for workngith Kabel, Gtranslatror nd poEdit.

Mandrak Lnux .1 oks asif i ill appear any minue now so h p iles on are also available...


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