[gnome-cy] Accelerators, HTML

I just thought of a couple more points.

Gnome uses '_', not '&' to indicate keyboard accelerators. Perhaps the
documentation should reflect this. Gnome (well, GTK) can cope with
multiple widgets using the same accelerator. (Although, obviously, it's
preferable that this doesn't happen, what it does is cycle focus between
widgets with the same accelerator and leave it up to the user to
activate the widget they want by pressing Space or somesuch. I don't
know what Qt/KDE's behaviour is in this regard.) Also, I've seen a few
translations of the form:

	Original:    R_un a custom command instead of my shell
	Translation: Cyflawni gorchymyn arall yn lle fy nghragen i (_U)

I'm 99% sure that maintaining the same accelerator in the translation is
unneccessary, since the string is where the information on the
keybinding is kept, and not anywhere else, so if it says _A in the
translation, then A will be the accelerator.

Omnivore doesn't escape HTML in the messages it finds. I don't know if
this is a feature or a bug.


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