[gnome-cy] Mention for KGyfieithu in ZDNet

Somewhat to my surprise in such an MS-oriented organ, KGyfieithu got a pretty 
good piece done on it in ZDNet:
The journalist made a few errors which I'll alert him to (eg the point of 
Kartouche is that you *don't* have to download .po files, Gnome is about the 
same stage and will actually be in the box earlier, the results will be 
shipping at the end of this year - not in a year's time, etc), but he did a 
pretty good job for someone who had never seen a .po file before.  

If this appears in print too, it should help to raise awareness about the 
availability of Welsh software (and the fact that it can be most easily done 
using free software) among people who usually use proprietary operating 

Best wishes


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