Re: [gnome-cy] Gnome reached 45% done; and a OO.o question

Hi Dewi

On Thursday 01 January 1970 1:00 am, Dewi Jones wrote:
> Thanks to Rhoslyn and David Chan (who cracked the OOo build process for
> Welsh) there's a screen shot of a draft Welsh OpenOffice at Meddal website:

I met a colleague of David Chan's at AFFSAC - he asked if it was normal for 
"foreigners" like him (David) and me to be involved with Welsh!  I said we 
don't allow the best people to step out of Wales. :-)

> Canolfan Bedwyr is working on a Welsh ispell+MySpell checker for OpenOffice
> as well. Pending some issues in IssueZilla it should be ready for OOo 1.1.

Cool.  That would be really handy.  I was trawling around the KDE site, and I 
came across the little attached Perl script which turns the OOofiles into .po 
files (I assume) - you might have a use for it, but I emphasise I have done 
mo more than read the label!

> I've been preparing a Welsh Mozilla release ready for the Eisteddfod based
> on 1.4 release candidates with some significant fixes to the language pack
> and some nice extras thrown in. Might be some time to have Welsh Mozilla
> Firebird Browser v0.6 also ready. Stay tuned.


Best wishes


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