Re: [gnome-cy] DIOLCH! -- News, updates, figures, and screenshot URLs

On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 09:30:57PM +0100 or thereabouts, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> Keith Willoughby is the one working his way assiduously through 
> Epiphany, and doing a very nice job of it too.  I noticed the 
> half-done Evo this morning on (this is getting 
> to be an obsession now, I'm afraid -  sad, isn't it ...), 

I'm exactly the same. I head over there ever day looking to see
where we are :) 

> > Alan had earlier written a program akin to what the msgmerge
> > program does: it fills in gaps with strings it's sure about.
> > This took Evolution down from 6000 strings to about 4800. Then
> > I started going through looking for the easy bits.
> I'd be really grateful for a copy of this program, because I'd 
> started looking at using msgmerge with a catalog to try to fill 
> in strings.  But going through all the files clearing the fuzzy 
> markers was not appealing.  Yes, I'm lazy enough to pick anyone's 
> brains if they don't mind.

Remember that some of them were wrong. So even though you can
just keep one finger on page-down button, you'll still see
glaring errors. Somewhere we have acquired "Facs", which needed
correcting to "Ffacs", and of course we now have no idea where
the misspelling came from. There were also some more dodgy

> so I just dumped the msgids into the msgstrs.  I told you - 
> lazy as sheugh-water, as we used to say at home (sheugh=ditch).  
> Still, it got KDE up to 25%.

Hee. Neck and neck. 

> Yes, we'll go for the whole file.  As long as most of it is 
> done already, my earlier point about seeing no progress doesn't 
> apply.  To be sure I've got the right one, would you mind sending 
> it to me?

Even gzipped it is 100kb, so sent directly. (ungzipped, it is
over half a meg..) 

> > * Canolfan Bedwar needs more publicity. "There is a Welsh Opera?"
> > "There will be a Welsh OpenOffice?" People just don't know about
> > this.
> I think in March or April the idea of doing a monthly press-release 
> was raised.  I still think that's a good idea - pick something 
> important and say something about it and a few other things.  The 
> drip-drip effect will pay off about 18 months down the road.

This reminds me. I was poking around at Kyfieithu's news section
the other day and noticed that you sent two hundred letters to
people to tell them about it. What kind of a response did you
> >
> > and there are a couple more floating around.
> On the Nautilus (first) one, what's the little a-accent thing 
> at the top of the screen?

The collection of accents? That is Gnome's character_picker
applet, which is sitting in a panel which is the same colour
as the desktop, so looks like it's floating. I should have 
changed that before taking the screenshot.

You click in it and type a letter, and you get a list of 
all the accented variations of that letter. Then you click
one and it gets selected. You can paste it into another
application then. 

There is a much bigger application to do this, which takes
half the screen. But I like the little applet. One problem
is that whenever I try to add w^ to it, I cause subsequent
crashes. Must file that!

> One that is beginning to really bug me is "nodau tudalen"

Keith brought this up yesterday too. I think it was Keith.
Someone did. 


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