Re: [gnome-cy] DIOLCH! -- News, updates, figures, and screenshot URLs

Hi Telsa 

On Dydd Mawrth 22 Gorfennaf 2003 8:50 yb, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> Remember that some of them were wrong. So even though you can
> just keep one finger on page-down button, you'll still see
> glaring errors. Somewhere we have acquired "Facs", which needed
> correcting to "Ffacs", and of course we now have no idea where
> the misspelling came from. There were also some more dodgy
> ones.

Doesn't matter.

> Even gzipped it is 100kb, so sent directly. (ungzipped, it is
> over half a meg..)

OK, I'll try and get that up today.

> This reminds me. I was poking around at Kyfieithu's news section
> the other day and noticed that you sent two hundred letters to
> people to tell them about it. What kind of a response did you
> get?

0.  Literally :-)  But that was only a few months ago, so it's early days, and 
I also think you have to keep banging on about things before it sidles onto 
people's radar.

> There is a much bigger application to do this, which takes
> half the screen. But I like the little applet. 

Yes, it looks nice - KCharSelect doesn't seem to have a mini-version like 

> > One that is beginning to really bug me is "nodau tudalen"
> Keith brought this up yesterday too. I think it was Keith.
> Someone did.

I haven't seen this.

Best wishes


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