Re: [gnome-cy] What to do with those RH 9.0 "cy" rpms

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 09:24:43PM +0100 or thereabouts, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> Hi Telsa
> On Dydd Mercher 16 Gorfennaf 2003 3:39 yp, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> > Bryn has tested these instructions out and says they work for him.
> <snip>
> This is very useful.  But i'm a bit confused - do these rpms contain a package 
> of Welsh translations, or are they the various apps, but repackaged to use 
> Welsh as default?

These are the rpms which RH provides, which have been "re-rolled",
so to speak, to contain Welsh as one of the languages.

I believe KDE works on a different basis and releases "actual
apps" and a separate "translation for those apps" package? 

But Gnome releases a package with all the translations as part
of it. When you install RH you get a choice about the default
system language. (Users will get that by default, or can alter
their personal defaults to be different.) People almost invariably
leave it as some form of English (en_GB here..) 

If the language is included in a package, that is what gets
used. (If not, I think you fall back to English.) 

So the RH packages from RH came with (oh dear, let me look!) -- 
okay, "mo files" (the list of translated strings) in 49 languages. 
Alan has re-rolled them to come with 50, the extra being Welsh. 
In all other respects, they are exactly the same as the packages
on a RH 9.0 box. 

The instructions I sent combined both installing those packages
and then telling your computer that you now want to use Welsh.
Which is probably where the confusion arose. They're not necessarily

I can try to write up something about this (what an .mo file
is, how to update your translation without waiting for new
rpms or debs, and so on. I'm just not sure how useful it will
be. Sensible people don't go mucking around with msgfmt and
altering mo files on the fly. 

Then again, these rpms are for RH. Given the choice between
attempting to rebuild them for SuSE (a -very- major job: those
packages took Alan a complete day to build even though he was
using about four different machines to spread the load), downloading
and installing RH on a spare box just to test them on, or just 
altering a couple of files on your system by hand... Well, suddenly 
the last option does seem the most sensible!


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