[gnome-cy] What to do with those RH 9.0 "cy" rpms

Bryn has tested these instructions out and says they work for him.
So I am forwarding them here, after some editing which will
probably introduce bugs :) 

Well, it took me more time that I would have liked to get this to
work, so here's a line-by-line how to do it on Red Hat 9.0. You 
can probably do lots of this via the GUI, but I am used to the 
command line, so this is how I did it. 

You need to be root for some of it, but not all. And I would
strongly advise creating a test user to play with before changing
all your own personal settings. The user you are logged in as
when you do the final bits will be the one that is affected.

As any user: 
  mkdir Rpms
  cd Rpms
  lftp http://ftp.linux.org.uk/pub/linux/Cymraeg/RedHat9
  mget *

As root:
  cd (wherever that Rpms directory was)
  rpm -K *rpm 		(this just checks the rpms are alright)
  rpm --upgrade --verbose --hash *rpm

On my reasonably decent desktop machine, this took a long time.
At this stage, have a cup of coffee, and come back to see any
complaints. If there are complaints, it won't complete the job.

So I got a complaint because I had an updated eog package from
RH's errata. Rather than deal with it, I moved the eog package
from Alan out of the directory and did the rpm -Uvh *rpm again.
It worked. If you have just installed RH straight from the CDs,
and haven't done any errata-adding, you will not have this 
problem with eog.

As root: 
  localedef -f UTF-8 -i cy_GB cy_GB.UTF-8

That should create the locale. Then see whether it does by trying
a command which will now know Welsh: 

As any user: 
  LANG=cy_GB.UTF-8 date

The point of these two is that the first line will result in
output according to the default environment and language. Which
is probably English. But if you put a variable at the start of
the line, the command will run taking that into account. 

So if everything has worked, then you will get a reply talking
about Gorffennaf rather than July. And if that has worked, you
can assume that everything else will. You want to tell Linux
that you now want everything in Welsh. And you probably need
to restart Gnome too. 

Now, I _think_ that if you are using GDM, the graphical login, 
cy_CB.UTF-8 (or Welsh) will just appear on the menu of languages. 
I haven't tested this because I don't use it. 

I quit Gnome. This stopped X, too. Then I edited my -- ah, well.
I edited my .bash_profile but apparently I should have created
and edited a file called .i18n (the dot is important) in my
home directory. I don't know whether this is a Red Hat convention
or something new all distros do and which I just didn't know about. 
Anyway, Bryn created and edited his .i18n file and everything
worked. So do that. 

It should say


And nothing more.

Then I did "source .bash_profile" to make the machine notice the
change (but if you follow Alan's "use .i18n" instructions, you
presumably don't), and "startx" and Gnome started up in Welsh.

If you want all users on the machine to have a Welsh environment,
instead of making a .i18n file for every single user, you can 
make a global one called /etc/sysconfig/i18n. (It may exist
already: in that case, just edit the line about LANG.) 

This is all simpler than it sounds, I promise. You can do almost
all of it from within X (Gnome or KDE) without quitting it. And 
you can run individual applications with

"LANG=cy_GB.UTF-8 command-line-name-here"

But to get it all to work, I think you probably need to drop
out of Gnome and back in again. 

Pob hwyl!


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