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Hi Rhoslyn 

On Sunday 23 February 2003 3:22 pm, Rhoslyn Prys wrote:
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This was very useful to me in understanding your approach a bit more.

> Moving Welsh speakers on to opensource comes next.

A valid view, though personally I see the two as more interconnected.

> 1. Efective communication amongst contibutors on aspirations,
> developments and setbacks.
> 2. Development of a bilingual Linux 'distribution' - soon ther will be a
> Welsh version of OpenOffice available (by the Eisteddfod?) as well as
> updated versions of Gwe-lywiwr and added to Nautilus amongst others, it
> would really be great  to be able tempt the Assembly, Health, Education,
> Local Authorities away from Windows. This could be a version of Koppix
> or DemoLinux or a locally created distribution (sorry, Alan). I'm sure
> we have the expertise...and it would come better from within Wales.
> 3. Broadband cover - I was recently invited to join the e-fro project to
> provide wireless broadband  cover for Bethesda. Fortunately my 'fame' is
> well confined and it was useful to be part of this interesting
> development. The group is looking at the alternatives at the moment  but
> there may be lessons to be learned for the provision of wireless
> broadband across Wales via satellite.

These are all excellent ideas, and perhaps there needs to be a structure 
(informal, I hasten to add!) for taking them forward.  eg Who will bone up on 
remastering Knoppix, make a few coasters, tear his/her hair out, and 
eventually produce something?  Should there be a Free/Opensource stand at the 
Eisteddfod, showcasing various items and doing Cymrix giveaways?  Who would 
pay for it and man it?  Should there actually be a Welsh Free Software Trust, 
which could then act as a vehicle for publicity (both to possible end-users 
like schools and the public sector, and to cultural groups), funding 
applications, etc?  (I am very interested in the broadband issue, but I think 
that is a complex field on which there will be little movement in the short 

I've just remembered an email I sent to Dewi before the e-Gymraeg meeting in 
November (I was at a funeral, so I couldn't go):
FLOSS=Free Libre Open-Source Software
--- quote ---
I'm not sure what the precise scope is/should be, but several things that 
occur to me are:
(1) some sort of clearing house for news stories - ie aim to send out one news 
release each week to local Welsh and English press about benefits of 
open-source, preferably backed up with real-world examples
(2) lobbying of the Assembly to look more closely at savings/benefits (and 
also problems/costs) of FLOSS, provide funding for pilot deployments, etc
(3) open discussions with Welsh cultural organisations alerting them to the 
benefits of FLOSS (eg a fully Welsh desktop), and seeking volunteers for 
translation projects
(4) an audit of useable software for various tasks/environments, with notes on 
where it falls short (for the developers), and common task howtos (for the 
(5) a run-from-CD distro, with a selection of this software already set up, 
for evaluation purposes (eg along the lines of Freeduc -
(6) a dictionary of translations, freely available on the Web and as a 
download, with the option of taking suggestions over the web for new words 
(which would then be moderated before final insertion)
--- end quote ---

I still consider this relevant.  Kartouche may work towards (6), and K/100 is 
partly (3).  (5) we have mentioned previously.  I have plans for (1) locally, 
based on menaiLUG, but a national approach might be better.  (2) can't 
reasonably be done before (4) is available.

There have been very positive recent developments in public-sector acceptance 
worldwide of free software, and it is now making tremendous leaps in terms of 
end-user functionality.  Some sort of central clearinghouse, ra-ra band, or 
whatever, which can increase people's awareness of software in Welsh, may be 
very relevant.

Best wishes


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