Re: [gnome-cy] Aurfa/Krowbar - a Welsh dictionary server

Ar Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 11:39:26AM +0000, ysgrifennodd Jim Killock:
> Kevin / Dafydd,
> The deal with Mark's stuff is:
> he presented the wordlist to me compiled under the agreement that i 
> would redistribute under GPL
> he also sent me his compilation algorithms for generating parts of 
> verbs etc also under agreement I may redistribute under GPL. I haven't 
> got his "raw" wordlist (only the compiled version) but I would expect 
> that Mark would be very happy for us to have it if we asked. He's very 
> keen to help out as a rule, but obviously wants to retain his copyright 
> (as he can under GPL) and be paid if it is a commercial venture.

I note that the file for download is simply a gzipped list of words. I
would suggest that you make this a tarball with three files: the
wordlist, a README describing the file's origins, and a copy of the GPL
in a file called COPYING. Redistributing without including a copyright
notice and a licence is rather iffy.

I also notice that the list is encoded in ISO 8859-14. Increasingly,
UTF-8 is becoming the encoding of choice, especially in the free
software world. Reencoding is as simple as

	iconv -f ISO-8859-14 -t UTF-8 < wordlist.iso > wordlist.utf

I think you can use GNOME in Welsh with either ISO-8859-14 or UTF-8. I
personally se UTF-8, and I understand that Redhat's locales (among other
things) use UTF-8, at least by default.


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