Re: [gnome-cy] Press release on Welsh support

Sgrifennodd Kevin Donnelly:
> On Dydd Sadwrn 16 Awst 2003 8:04 yp, David Chan wrote:
> > Is it worth emphasising that Welsh Linux will be available for free?
> > That makes lots of people in Wales listen, in my experience :-)
> OK.  I'm becoming a bit wary of using that as the main draw, because I
> think Linux' main attractions actually lie elsewhere (in terms of no
> lock-in, and (currently) fewer viruses).  And in fact there is a
> time-cost involved in changing over from Windows, and some people
> would rather pay in cash than time.  But I'll work something in about
> that.

Na, dwi'n cytuno - dydy pris y meddalwedd ddim yn bwysig, yn aml iawn.
Ond efo rhai o'n cwsmeriaid ni, mae'r ffaith bod Linux yn rhad ac am
ddim yn gwneud hi'n bosib osgoi biwrocratiaeth a gwleidyddiaeth fewnol -
does dim rhaid eu gyfiawnhau mewn cyllideb na dim byd.  A hefyd
cwsmeriaid sy'n arbed miloedd o bunnoedd wrth beidio gorfod talu am
"licence audits" ar eu cyfrifiaduron.


Yes, I agree, the price of software often isn't important.  But we've
had customers where the fact that Linux is cost-free has allowed them to
avoid internal politics and bureaucracy, because they don't need to
justify it in their budget.  Also, customers who save thousands of
pounds by not having to pay for "licence audits" on their computers.

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