Re: [gnome-cy] Press release on Welsh support

On Dydd Sadwrn 16 Awst 2003 8:04 yp, David Chan wrote:
> I like the idea of a name for the "body", but personally I think
> "Collective" sounds too hippy - nothing against hippies, but perhaps
> "Welsh Free Software Project" wouldn't worry people so much ...

Yes, I did consider this, but "project" is used for so many things nowadays 
that it has lost its meaning a bit.  But if others think "collective" gives 
the wrong impression I'll certainly change it.

> The announcement sounds fine, but is it too technical?  It depends on
> who the target is, perhaps.  What about a summary at the start which
> explains, in a simple way, what will be available?  (e.g. "the menus,
> dialog boxes and messages on your computer will be in Welsh - for
> example, instead of File->Open there will be Ffeil->Agor")  I noticed in
> the Eisteddfod that lots of people didn't understand the difference
> between English OpenOffice with a Welsh spell-checker and OpenOffice
> with a Welsh interface.

Good point - I'll put that in.  I actually tried to avoid tech stuff in the 
release itself (I too have had interesting experiences recently) , and only 
put the bare minimum in the Notes for Editors section.  

> Is it worth emphasising that Welsh Linux will be available for free?
> That makes lots of people in Wales listen, in my experience :-)

OK.  I'm becoming a bit wary of using that as the main draw, because I think 
Linux' main attractions actually lie elsewhere (in terms of no lock-in, and 
(currently) fewer viruses).  And in fact there is a time-cost involved in 
changing over from Windows, and some people would rather pay in cash than 
time.  But I'll work something in about that.

Best wishes


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