Re: [gnome-cy] Wha'ppen?

On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 12:17:02PM +0100 or thereabouts, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> Hi all
> Just back, and catching up on things.
> Thanks for the Moz 1.4 po file, Dewi - I'll take the old Moz entries out of 
> Omnivore and add these ones when i get a chance.
> Any feedback from anyone on how the Eisteddfod, and Rhoslyn's/Dewi's launches, 
> went?

Well, I was there and I understood entire sentences at a time, but
for something more accurate you'll have to get the details from the
rest :) 

It seemed to go well, and now I have faces to put to names.

> Dafydd et al have obviously been busy, since Gnome is now at 34% done. 

Of the lot (seriously, "the lot" is gigantic, and I really question
the necessity of some of 'extras' :)), and we reached 80% of 
essentials yesterday. Woo. Bryn is ploughing through Nautilus. 

Daf grabbed a pile of translations from Kyfieithu, I think, but
we need credits again :) 

> Since  it is now at 83% on the essential files, and KDE is at 
> 100% on its essentials (it only took them three weeks to fix the 
> hard drive ...), we can presumably say that Welsh will definitely 
> be in the box on the new releases.  

Definitely. See this thread, which made me happy.

"Cambridge" is "next Red Hat release". 

> Is this worth trying to do a press release about?

We were chatting about this the other day. I have found a bit in
one of my books about "how to write a press release" but from 
experience so far we are going to have to get it to an awful lot 
of people in order to get even one to respond! So: press release
aimed at whom and what? 

Did you mail anyone at Powys County Council last time? They 
famously took the Linux leap long before other UK councils 
for networking and so on. And, more recently...

   In  corporate  ICT,  LDAP  will  become the core directory service for
   e-government  applications,  and  we  are already piloting Open Source
   Desktops,  using  'free'  KDE  tools  for diaries, word processing and

That's from 2002. 

Anyone know Powys people? Did I see someone from there at the 
Canolfan Bedwyr thing? 


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