Re: GNOME 3 Launch Party

On 02/25/2011 02:03 PM, Jiří Eischmann wrote:
Hi Tomeu,
would you be able to speak about GTK+ 3? Tomáš can talk about GNOME
Shell and apps from users'and developers' point of view, but it would be
nice to have GTK+ 3 covered as well. It will be more technical than
other papers, but I think audience will be able to take it in. The party
will take place in CVUT campus, so we can expect audience from computer
science students.

I like this idea, though I would extend the focus to the rest of the GNOME 3 API, including a bit about languages other than C.




Tomeu Vizoso píše v Čt 24. 02. 2011 v 12:12 +0100:
2011/2/21 Jiří Eischmann<jiri eischmann cz>:

Ad 1: Na stránce akce jsou přihlášené zatím čtyři přednášky:
Tomáš Bžatek - GNOME 3 z uživatelské i vývojářské perspektivy

jestli chceme jedna prednaska vic, a jestli to nevadi Tomasovi, bych
mohl mluvit o co je novyho v GNOME 3 pro vyvojare.

S pozdravem,


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